Carapau Fishing (Pty) Ltd

100% Namibian Vessel

Brief Introduction

Carapau Fishing (Pty) Ltd is a Horse mackerel fishing company dedicated to carrying on the business of deep-sea fishing, beneficiating and processing of fish products, transport, marketing & so musch more.

Proffessional & dedicated to providing great services.

Carapau has been in the Industry for centuries and has trusted clientele & great service record.

Horse mackerel fishing company


Our fish processing activities include the provision of machinery for transportation, beheading and tail-cutting, vacuum equipment for gutting, filleting machine for single fillets and butterfly fillets, and skinning machines.


In every fish supply chain, transportation is of great importance. Quality transportation ensures that the products remain in the same quality they were in during the pre-packaging process. Timely deliveries to retailers help maintain a good consistent supply of fish to the Namibian market as a whole.